Ten Vodka Ideas for Fourth of July Entertaining

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Curating under the influence: I’m doing it up patriotic-style for this week’s Link the Vodka. It’s not too late to integrate one of these clever vodka ideas into your Fourth of July entertaining plans:

Frozen Fruit Vodka Displays: The Russian might object to vodka pimped out like this but I say gorgeous.

Strawberry Limeade Smoothie: Vodka and smoothies go together like kids and summertime! Oh, wait…

Peach Collins: I think “Peaches and Herb” is a much better name, don’t you?

Double Rainbow Cocktail: the secret’s in the ice cubes.

Watermelon Blueberry Mojitos: It’s time to admit mojitos are better made with vodka. Don’t be mad, Cuba.

Where should we put the vodka, honey? I found this on a blog about clever ways to store stuff; I’d say storing vodka in fruit is probably not a long-term solution.

Drink it, we will. This is what you do to the watermelon after you’ve poured a bunch of vodka into it.  No eight-year olds allowed.

Grown-Up Popsicles. Step 1: Make Peaches and Herb (see above.) Step 2: Add strawberries. Step 3: Freeze. Step 4: Hide from kids.

Vodka Jello Shots: Speaking of strawberries…

Star Spangled Sangria: Yes, there’s vodka in there. Perfect.

A final word to you all: friends don’t let friends mix fireworks and vodka. Unless of course they are husband and wife, not that I’d know anything about that.  Be safe and have a great weekend.



Frozen vodka

Vodka smoothies

Peach Collins

Double Rainbow

Watermelon Blueberry Mojito

Vodka Storage

Watermelon Death Star

Grown-Up Popsicles (hat tip to Laura Mayes for this one.)

Vodka Jello Shots

Red White and Blue

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